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A variety of shades of purple stained glass blend to form this abstract design, hand crafted night light. Warm and welcoming, night lights are great for lighting your hallway or powder room at night or a child's room. We all could use a little extra light in our lives these days.

Constructed using the copper foil method of stained glass construction, this nightlight is reinforced around the edge for added durability. The solder lines are treated with a black patina and polished to a warm glow. The glass is definitely a grape or bluer purple rather than a pink or plum purple if that makes sense. Measures 5" tall by 3.5" wide. Electric nightlight plugs into any household outlet. On-Off switch. 4 watt bulb included.

As with any item in my shop, if you like the style but would prefer a different color combination, let me know and we can work on one together. 

Two shades of true purple stained glass... wispy grape and a hammered cathedral pale purple, surround a large clear glass diamond shaped bevel to form the lid of this elegant jewelry box. A warm and interesting accent to any room or decor.

The diamond extends beyond the base to form a handle for ease in opening the lid. The point of the diamond is rounded as are all of the corners for comfort. Clear bevel sides and mirror bottom allow light to reflect and brighten the lid.

Box measures 4" x 6" x 1.5" and stands on 4 rubber "bump-ons" which will keep the box from sliding and protect your furniture from scratches. The lid is reinforced and attached to the box with a hidden hinge, held open with a silver tone chain. It is constructed using the copper foil method and the solder is polished to its natural silverish shine.

A perfect gift for a birthday or bridesmaid... a purple lover or just because.
Individual leaves dance around the bottom edge of this triangle shawl turned poncho, moving from front to back, leading to one central leaf that grows from the center spine. The base of the shawl is a symmetrical triangle, knit from the top down, starting at the back of the neck with very few stitches, growing the triangle shape through rhythmic increases. Leaves are knitted on multi-directionally as a border along each side edge, incorporating shawl stitches as you go. Optional buttons turn this shawl into a poncho.

The pattern is designed for DK weight yarn but can be adapted to fingering, worsted weight, or bulky. One size fits all can be adjusted shorter or longer by decreasing/increasing the number of rows in the body of the triangle.

• 400 - 600 yards of DK yarn (Sample was created with 5 skeins of Knitpicks City Tweed DK)
• US size #8 circular knitting needle and one extra of the same size
• Optional: 3 buttons will turn your shawl into a poncho!

Both written instructions and charts are included for the multi-directional, scallop leaf border pattern.

Happy Knitting!
The Hamsa is a symbol believed to protect you from harm against the evil forces. We could all use a little protection right about now.

The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman found in all religion cultures. It is a protective symbol which people believe will protect them from harm against the evil eye and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health.

Facing down, the hamsa is though to let goodness, light and abundance into your life and home. Facing up, it is a powerful symbol of protection against the evil eye. Many early cultures adopted the eye as an icon for their protection, others used Hamsa and so over time the most popular universal symbol became an eye placed in the palm of a hand.

This stylized stained glass Hamsa sun catcher hangs facing down with an eye symbol in the center. Bold rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stained glass swirl around a fabulous large clear glass nugget "eye". ROY-G-BIV at it's best.

This hamsa will hang beautifully in your window, allowing in only good fortune!

Created in the copper foil method of stained glass creation, this hamsa hand measures approximately 8" tall by 6.25" wide. The solder lines are treated with copper patina and polished to a warm glow.

As with any item in my shop, if you like the style but would prefer a different color combination, let me know and we can create one together.

My love of triangles shows as the center focus of this unique hand crafted, white and black stained glass jewelry or trinket box. The design is abstract and incorporates geometric shapes and unusual combinations of glass - various shades of white combined with solid black and a clear glass with black and white "stringers". The design spreads off the lid to form a natural handle with which to open the box.

Perfect for anything from jewelry to knick knacks! A place for your shell collection or even golf tees!

Clear bevel sides, and clear texture glass base allow light to bounce thru the lid from within. You will see your table top through the box base. The box measures 3" x 4" x 1.5". The lid is held in place by an invisible hinge and length of decorative chain. Rubber bumpons will hold the box in place and prevent it from scratching your furniture.

All items in my shop are designed and hand crafted in my home studio. As with any item, if you like the style but would prefer a different color or color combination, let me know and we can work on that together! 


Inspired by the flame-like shapes of the black glass, this Chanukah Menorah is abstract and unusual but intended for use during the 8 nights of the holiday. Opaque black glass curves in flame-like waves through the clear texture glass, each ending with a copper candle cup. The sides are curved to the shape of the end "flames".

The candle cups sit at the point of each black flame, not evenly spaced but Kosher in that they are all at the same height and in a straight line, except for the shamash or the "attendant" candle. The glass between the "flames" and back of the menorah are clear texture glass. The tinned copper candle cups are 3/8 inch wide, which is the perfect size for regular Chanukah candles.

This menorah is created in the copper foil method of stained glass construction. It measures 12 1/2" wide, 4 1/4" tall (center candle), and 2" deep.

Meant to be used and enjoyed. After use, soak the menorah in warm water and gently peal away any wax drips. The was residue that is left can be rubbed gently into the solder to help maintain a silvery shine. All items in my shop are designed and hand crafted in my home studio.


Inspired by the LOVE Sculpture in Philadelphia and Robert Indiana’s AHAVAH Sculpture located in Jerusalem, my version is crafted of rainbow color stained glass or various clear texture glass and sits in a square wrought iron frame.

Each letter is created in a different color or texture, each reminding me of the various stages of love... the parallel paths we take that sometimes converge, the craziness of building a life together, the occasional tears and the ripple of everyday set against a background of calming water glass.

The glass piece measures 12” wide by 13” tall. With the stand, the piece measures 13” wide by 17.5” tall and 5” deep. It is constructed in the copper foil method of stained glass construction. The solder lines are treated with black patina and polished to a shine. The entire piece is reinforced with edge wire for strength.

The frame and glass will each ship in a separate box. If you are within an hour or so of zip 18914, we can arrange porch drop off if you’d like! As with any item in my shop, if you like the style but would prefer different colors, let me know and we can work on one together.

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