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Custom Creations Collection

Created in 2019, this transom window is installed in a private home in Horsham, PA. The husband was enthralled by my clear texture work and the wife wanted to incorporate colors used throughout their home. The window incorporates both color and clear textures in an abstract design. 

The window also illuminates their house number when lit from inside. From the inside, that house number appears backwards but is appropriately legible from the street. 

Custom Creations Collection

Each approx 44" x 19"

These two stained glass transom windows were created for a customer in California who found my shop on Etsy and like my style!

We worked together with her decorator to design the two windows that are the same design with color and glass placement differentiating them. The windows combine shades of teal and sea foam green with turquoise, white and gray. The designs is an abstract circle design that started with graph paper, a yard stick and pot lids! Each window measures approx. 44″ wide by 19″ tall.

The windows are mounted in her home in interior spaces over large doors at two entrances to her craft room. While I’m told the windows look wonderful installed, I haven’t received photos from the customer to share.

These two stained glass windows were created in the copper foil method. The solder lines were treated with copper patina and polished to a shine. Each window was framed in 3/4″ zinc framing which provides a nice sharp edge and extra strength.

During a recent home redecorating project, we widened the doorway between our living room and dining room in order to allow light to flow through and give each room a more open feel. As part of the project, we created a space specifically for a stained glass window. The window adds a little separation between the rooms whole still allowing light to flow from the brighter dining room into the north facing living room.

I’ve always been fascinated by the play of geometric shapes and the challenge of designing balanced asymmetry. The exposed top and side edges of the window are irregular in shape, allowing the circle and line design to flow naturally.

To create the window, I used a variety of clear texture glass mixed with clear circle bevels ranging in size from 2” to 6”. The largest circle measures 12” in diameter. We debated adding color but settled on all clear with black backed foil and black patina.

The window measures 28” wide by 56” tall and is mounted in the space on the bottom and wall side in 1” oak framing that is painted to match the wood trim. A small loop and hook hold the top edge in place.

All in all… one of my most challenging and rewarding projects!

Custom Creations Collection

18" x 18"


Clear texture stained glass windows are a fabulous way to block a view into your home and offer you a sense of privacy.

They are equally great at blocking a view that you’re not thrilled with – while still letting sunlight into your space.

This window was created for a customer who lives in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. As you can see, her view is of a brick wall. Nice color, but just brick. The window we created together adds an artistic flair to her brick view.

The stained glass window measures 18″ x 18″. It combines a variety of clear texture stained glass with circle bevels of various sizes. Created in the copper foil method, the solder lines are treated with black patina and polished to a shine.

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