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Every season is represented in this colorful flat stained glass window panel.

From summer on the left to fall, then winter and ending with spring on the right, each season is represented by stained glass leaves and spring flowers of glass nuggets. The square sky background is a beautiful shade of teal and clear wispy glass that reflects in the turquoise base.

The trunk is twisted combining the texture of ripple glass with the etched words from Ecclesiastes 3:1 and the Pete Seeger song recorded by the Byrds... To every thing there is a season...

The panel measures 13.5” wide at its widest point and 13.5” tall including the stand. The solder lines are treated with copper patina and polished to a coppery shine. The stand is a unique Eco resin stand made with up to 30% recycled materials. The color of the stand reflect the sky color beautifully as if a warm summer day. The stand measures 7.5" x 4" x 1/2" and incorporates steel rods to hold the stained glass panel in place.

Created in my home workshop with love!

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