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From Darkness to Light Collection

Broken Faith

21” x 21”


Kielce Poland, the site of a massacre of 42 Jews over the lie told by a Polish child. the boy stayed overnight at a friends house without telling his parents. In the morning he returned and to avoid punishment told his parents and then the police, he was kidnapped by Jews who held him against his will overnight. the townspeople revolted and killed all the Jews in their homes. This was a starting point for pogroms across Poland. Years later the boy admitted he had told a lie and was convicted and set to prison.

This memorial now exists along the roadside near the town.

A photo of the monument in Kielce Poland which inspired an art glass window by Jill Tarabar


The window measures 21″ x 21″ including a 3/4″ zinc came frame. Glass is a combination of clear textures, black, gray and black iridescent.


Broken Faith art glass window created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns
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