Circle Study 1

Clear Abstraction Collection

Circle Study 1 combines a variety of clear texture stained glass in an abstract window designed and created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns


A study of circles. This hand crafted stained glass window combines a variety of clear texture stained glass to form this stained glass art window. Multiple textures of glass provide a degree of privacy while allowing light to flow through each piece. Great for a window with an awful view or one that looks in your neighbor’s house! The window can be hung in a window of course, or in an interior room space. Not really great hanging against a white wall as you’ll loose a lot of the texture look.

Created in the copper foil method of stained glass construction, the solder lines are treated with black patina and polished to a shine. The piece is framed in 3/4″ zinc came (included in overall measurement).