Custom Transom Windows

Custom Creations Collection

Each approx 44" x 19"


Custom Transom 1 created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns

These two stained glass transom windows were created for a customer in California who found my shop on Etsy and like my style!

We worked together with her decorator to design the two windows that are the same design with color and glass placement differentiating them. The windows combine shades of teal and sea foam green with turquoise, white and gray. The designs is an abstract circle design that started with graph paper, a yard stick and pot lids! Each window measures approx. 44″ wide by 19″ tall.

The windows are mounted in her home in interior spaces over large doors at two entrances to her craft room. While I’m told the windows look wonderful installed, I haven’t received photos from the customer to share.

These two stained glass windows were created in the copper foil method. The solder lines were treated with copper patina and polished to a shine. Each window was framed in 3/4″ zinc framing which provides a nice sharp edge and extra strength.

Custom Transom 3 created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns