The Green Line

The Green Line stained glass window created by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns

From Darkness to Light Collection

$1000 Currently on display at Regina Marie Gallery in Skippack, PA


Stand on the hillside outside of Jerusalem. In one direction you see greenery, lush growth and development. On the other side you see desert. Sand. Desolation. This is the Green Line.

In 1948, as borders were being created between the new state of Israel and Jordan, a green marker was used on the map to designate the border. This line is so apparent today as the land on the Israeli side of the line is irrigated and covered with lush growth and life. The other side of  the line is gray and lifeless.

inspiration for stained glass window The Green Line by Jill Tarabar for JiSTdesigns


Stained Glass window is designed and hand crafted in the copper foil method of stained glass creation. The window is framed in a 3/4″ zinc frame which is very strong and sturdy. The solder lines are treated with black patina and polished to a shine. This window is designed to hang in a window, in a pass through space between two rooms or even against a wall. While it doesn’t “need” light shining through, the colors come alive with color when backlit.

*From Darkness to Light Collection*

In the fall of 2017, my husband Marty and I joined a group of congregants from Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen PA on a fascinating 2 week pilgrimage to Poland and Israel. The trip was designed to trace our roots and gain a deeper understanding for our history as Jews.

This collection of stained glass windows was inspired by that pilgrimage, both the deeply depressing images of concentration camps and uplifting images pointing us to a bright future. We continue... into the Light!